Designing Photography Art For Your Home

I have so many people ask me about digital files like it’s to most important thing they will get from their session.  Even though digital files are nice to have, they are never usually displayed as they should be!

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This is where custom photography and portrait design come in.  Creating art for a house or a specific room to show your memories and images from your session should be the most important thing!  When I ask potential clients what they plan to do with your images from their session, I almost always get them to stop and think.  Some say that they will get prints with the digital files until I show them the difference in quality and color between having them printed at a local chain store and what I can offer in terms of quality and custom art!  I make it a priority to show different custom art pieces to my clients that are different than the big box stores.  Also being able to show each client what their images will look like on their own wall makes a huge difference.  This lets me show what their art piece will look like in their home and wall, before they place their order.


Each of my framed art pieces are custom and hand made.  The frame is hand picked to match your home decor and style.  Each print is archival mounted. I offer a choice of glass, UV Acrylic, Non Glare Acrylic or UV Non Glare Acrylic to protect your images.   Mats are all hand cut and your images are printed on professional archival paper. You’ll find no glossy prints here.  High quality luster and pearl will make any image stand out.  Archival paper backing is added and hanging hardware installed.  

Please be sure to check back for a more detailed posting on what goes into my custom framed art pieces.




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