Basic Album – Starting at $600

30 pages/15 spreads

Each full-page spread is printed on your choice of paper type and then mounted to thick cardstock to lay flat.

Standard Album – Starting at $1100

30 Pages/15 spreads

These albums are true Flush-Mount Photographic Albums with an ocean of customization possibilities.  Choose one Material to wrap the whole Cover, or get creative and mix-and-match! Up to three Materials can be chosen: one for the Spine, one for the Front, and/or one for the Back of the album.  Pages are tightly creased in the center of the print for panos that continue across the entire spread, with no cut at the spine.

Premier Album (Young Book) Hand Crafted & Made in Italy. – Starting at $1450

Choice of 9.5″x13″, 9.5″x9.5″or 13″x9.5″ | 30 Pages/15 Spreads

Fresh and up to date, the YOUNG BOOK perfectly encapsulates the fine balance between timeless craftsmanship and the interpretation of a yet unexpressed desire. It answers the call for a product different from formal, classic and sumptuous books, allowing to choose a simple and fresh product instead, ideal for those who love a combination of modern aesthetics and practicality. A state-of-the-art product where layouts are the main characters. Young is a book of minimal and rigid lines, composed by different elements combined in a refined harmonic balance of materials and shapes, which become the focal point of a line reflecting the personality of those who choose it. Hand Crafted & Made in Italy.

Platinum Album (DMA) Hand Crafted & Made in Italy.- Starting at $2000

Choice of 9.5″x13″, 9.5″x9.5″, 13″x9.5″ or 12″x12″ 30 Pages/15 Spreads

The pace is nearly cinematographic, the sequence of the events of a special day is brought to life in a variety of the surfaces, different also in the way they reflect light; by empathizing unique moments, or by toning down the atmosphere of a watercolour like sunset, the photographer, the artist, becomes an orchestra leader searching for new harmonies. The return to this new, amazing, classical style lives again thanks to exclusive technologies, to chromatic symmetries created by the tones of the art mattes and to the atmospheres of images which, like in an enchantment, embraces and carries the characters of the story into a world defined by a balance of shapes and colours. Hand Crafted & Made in Italy.

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