About My Work

With my storytelling approach to photography, the focus is on the overall experience and telling your story by capturing the moment using Feelings, Expression & Emotion! It’s very different from the traditional process of picture-taking. I encourage each person for portraits and each bride and groom to have an amazing time with family and friends, finds ways to enhance and extend the best moments, and then I capture the flow of those moments along the way. I take my time and let the stories happen. This relaxed approach takes awkwardness and stress out of the equation, and leaves more room for pure fun and natural looking images. In fact, taking photos with me is not an intermission between the more enjoyable parts of the day—it is one of the enjoyable parts of the day.

I like to focus on the natural beauty of people and events as they unfold and capture the memory so it can be viewed for years to come. My goal as a photographer is to not only create and capture beautiful images, but to capture genuine emotions using a modern storytelling and lifestyle photography approach.

My vision & artistic storytelling approach fuses several elements, including an editorial fashion sense, a taste for distinctive colors and textures, creative lighting, a relaxed shooting approach and a strong passion for capturing “real life” moments. When I’m photographing a wedding or portrait session, I’m also designing, constantly identifying ways to turn great moments into beautiful spreads and storylines. In the studio, I creatively blend all of those elements together, designing multi-page art books and hand-made framed wall art and custom gallery wraps that tells the longer tale and are the perfect combination between substance, style and art. The result is a gorgeous, white glove hard-bound coffee table book and wall art that enables you to revisit your favorite moments again and again.

I’m dedicated to providing every client with an amazing experience that goes far beyond your wedding day or portrait session. 

About Me

I started photographing portraits and weddings in 2009. My love of wedding photography is based on the pure joy they see and feel for the bride and groom and for what a wedding symbolizes—life, love, commitment and happiness. I grew up in Minnesota and spent some time in college in Boston living in the Back Bay where I met my future wife.  Several years later, we are still so very much in love and living on Boston’s North Shore in Peabody with our amazing son and 2 boxers.  I enjoy riding motorcycles, swimming in our pool and spending as much time with my family as I can. 


I currently work on an appointment only basis and accepts a limited number commissioned weddings each year. By doing this, I’m able to provide all clients a personal, high-end white glove experience that captures your unique style, personality, and emotion. This is what sets Jon Delano Photography apart from many others!

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